Survey Solutions Site Bindings on server

Hi, I have a server set up via AWS VPC and my url for survey solutions has been the unsecured “http” and working ok. I acquired an SSL certificate to secure the url (i.e., “https”) but don’t seem to get the site bindings adjustment right. I have port 80 for http and port 443 for https. Is there anything else to do aside adjustments in the BaseUrl in the .ini file? I am not getting the https url to work. Any suggestions to help resolve this?

Please ignore…I have resolved it. Thanks!

Could you post how you solved the problem, in case others have similar problems?

Did you get a load balancer from AWS and apply the SSL certificate to the load balancer? (Like here)

Did you attach the SSL certificate to IIS? (Like here)

Hi: I attached the SSL certificate to the IIS by adding port 443 for https in the site bindings of IIS. Then, I went back to my EC2 instance (AWS account) and added an inbound rule for the “default” security group where the type is “Https” (automatically binds to port 443) and IP This will be in addition to the existing rules for http, RDP, etc… I have subsequently tested assignment download on a tablet, interview upload and data export, and all are working fine. Hope this helps!