Survey Solutions revolutionizes data management for EfD

Environment for Development global network of research center has just published a post (by Petra Hansson) describing how Survey Solutions is used in their work in Kenya, Vietnam, Chile and Nigeria.

Well done!

Among the numerous advantages of Survey Solutions (“It saves time and money”, “You get cleaner data and fewer errors”, "It doesn’t require internet in the field", and others summarized in the Facts – advantages of Survey Solutions section), the author specifically highlights GDPR compliance achieved with the deployment of Survey Solutions to a server of University of Gothenburg.

In an earlier post titled “Collaborative program addresses challenges in fisheries and aquaculture industriesPetra Hansson describes that:

The World Bank has developed a powerful tool to work more efficiently with surveys, called Survey Solutions. Along with the EfD Global Hub, EfD Vietnam has coordinated and promoted the use of this tool to members of the collaborative program in other countries.

and cites the researcher Ho Quoc Thong (EfD Vietnam):

“We want to conduct global surveys on particular topics, such as climate change in fisheries and marine spatial planning. Survey Solutions would be a very useful tool for such studies. This also encourages collaborative members to be more interactive and promotes collaboration”