Survey Solutions postgres tables

Good day SS Team,

I’ve noticed after updating our local Survey Solutions to the latest version (19.05.3) that our Postgres database structure was updated as well.

I’ve also noticed that two tables from the readside schema (‘interviews’ & ‘interviews_id’) has been removed. I figured that the id field from the interviews_id table has been incorporated into the interviewsummaries table (correct me if I’m wrong), but I can’t figure out what happened to the interviews table data?

Could you kindly share where you have moved the interviews table data to?

Kind Regards
Eugene Ehlers

Dear Eugene, see #27 here:
Best, Sergiy

Hello SuSo Team,

That is the first time that I’m here and I’d like to ask about the data location.

I’m testing your solution on our own Windows server. I don’t find any table of interviews and in this post I understand that those tables are removed.

I read the content of the link in the reply to this question and I understand that data are not directly accessible with any client soft. But I’m still asking where are exactly the data? Are they on our server in a specific file? If it’s the case would you tell us where to locate this file also if we can’t open it. Or is there any other way!?

Best regards

Survey Solutions posts the data to a Postgresql DB server, which could be the same server as the web server or a different server, as determined by the connection string. On the Postgresql server the data is stored as per Postgresql documentation:

What do you want to do with it if you can’t open in?

Best, Sergiy