Survey Solutions Installation on Windows Server 2016

User Nana Stembile has sent us the following question:

We need help on how to configure survey solutions on windows server 2016, we managed to set up and were able to log in to HQ on the localhost but not sure how to go about the base URL for it to b accessed outside the localhost?

If the server is not accessible from the internet it is likely that the post-installation step Firewall has not been completed:

This is not something that Survey Solutions can do on its own, but rather the network administrator must permit. Show him/her the following deployment chart:

and the installation article cited above, and request to allow the corresponding connections.

I am encountering the similar problem of accessing survey solutions Website from the internet (I followed the server installation instructions in the user document, and installed the software on local Virtual machine); the site is functioning in local machine. If someone could give some more brief outline on inner configuration steps, it will be helpful.


What address is ?

@abilash89 didn’t explain on the IP address, but from its value it appears to be a class B local network IP address.

This means it will not be accessible from the internet. This is not a Survey Solutions related problem, but a general server setup issue. There must be a public IP address for the machine.

Same as here:

Dear Sergiy,
Many thanks for the support.


Sure, @abilash89, did you manage to locate the public IP of your server? Is that a static IP? Did you manage to ultimately make it working?

@sergiy , I have installed my Survey Solutions server in a virtual machine (the said private address refers to its static IP4). I could locate public IP address of the host machine; as provided by the internet service provider, it is dynamic (because of some other intervening issues, I have not succeeded in making it work in VM). I tried this as an exercise to get familiarized with setup procedure for installation in real server at the research institute (ICRISAT).