Survey Solutions horizontal scaling issue

We are in the process of configuring Survey Solutions in horizontal scaling mode. We are interested in configuring one single network folder to store the exported data of all Survey Solutions instances. Right now we a have a load balancer deriving the traffic to just one Survey Solutions instance (meaning the autoscaling rule is not in place yet).

In this unique Survey Solutions instance with applied the following settings in the appsettings.production.ini file:


The experimented issue is that the imported questionnaires are not show Survey Setup and Data Export screens

This issue disappears when we configure appsettings.production.ini to its original state:


Is the path \\data accessible from the consumer machine on behalf of App Pool user?

Please check logs for related messages.

Yes, the path is accesible for the App Pool user.
In fact, the exportation process is working fine, Survey Solution instance downloads the export file in \[network folder]\export

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Hello @m1data ,

do you have any specific advice on how to solve the problem mentioned above by @aguinada?

Dear Survey Solutions team, do you have any comment about the experienced issue when trying to deploy in horizontal scaling scenario? Or do you recommend going to vertical scaling instead to avoid the current situation? (Our collection will have 350k interviews and 1200 interviewers).

Since importing a questionnaire is a one-time operation, it can be done before you introduce any scaling at the start of the survey.

To configure the export in the farm mode, you can try the instructions posted here:

Horizontal scaling is serving two major goals:
Ability of the system to serve higher amount of clients, beyond of capacity of one server;
Improving reliability of the system, in case of the failure of serving instance.

If your load estimation withing capacity of available instance - you can scale vertically.
If you are taking risk of single server failure - you can have one instance.

We are not recommending this approach but the call is yours.

Dear Support Team,

We have configured Survey Solution following the instructions published in the knowledge base in its articles. The current configuration in Amazon AWS is :

  • Load balancer with sticky session
  • Two instances of t3.xlarge instance (4CPU, 16GB RAM) with Survey Solutions version 23.09.4 (build 35728) installed

For those instances, the configuration file appsettings.production.ini looks like:




Comment: Windows user AppTool has been granted access to the network folder (AppData=\172.16.X.XXX\Dataexport1)

The symptom: In Surveys Solutions, when trying to import questionnaires (screen The application gets freeze (see the attached screen)

When we remove the network configuration and reestablish the single instance settings the user interface works fine.


This is a completely fresh installation from the previous report on march 2024. As you can see, we are now using the latest version of Survey Solutions (23.09.4) and are experiencing the same issue. Please help us resolve this matter.

Thank you

Please examine logs on both instances.
Open Dev Tools in the browser and check for errors during the process.
Check load balancer logs for blocked requests.