Survey Solutions app not working properly


We are using the Survey Solutions app on tablets which have Android 7. The app sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t - it allows us to enter the password, but does not allow logging in.
I checked if android updates are available on the tablet used for testing - unfortunately that is not the case.

Thank you in advance for help!

See password issues. For example #15.

does not allow logging in

Could mean anything. What do you see on the screen? Do you see an error message?

Try signing in online to see if you are entering a valid password.

Contact your server administrator for assistance.

The app just closes, shuts down. If I try again, the same thing happens. Password is valid.

  1. Send tablet information to the server (use diagnostics menu). The server administrator then can check the logs for a particular problem.

  2. Try installing on a different device. If it works there, investigate what’s different in your first device.