Survey Solution Installation Failure using AWS setup

I have configured EC2 and postgre sql using AWS setup instruction. I am able to login using RDP and downloaded the Survey solution installer file in the RDP connection. During the installation of survey solution, i entered following details as part of database connection.
Server: database-1.******************* (This is the RDS endpoint)
Port: **** (This is the RDS port)
Username: *********** (This is the username defined for the database)
Password: *********** (This is the password defined for the database)
After completing the set-up, a page automatically opens in my RDP browser which gives error “HTTP Error 502.5 - ANCM Out-Of-Process Startup Failure” instead of Survey Solutions Headquarters screen. I did several hit and trial for almost 5 hours but got no success. Please help as it is very urgent.

Dear Sashin,

sorry to hear that you’ve experienced a problem.

First of all, this is a public forum. Providing accurate and detailed descriptions is important, but keep in mind that anyone on the internet may be reading your message, so posting the actual password is dangerous. I have redacted your message to mask with ****** the details that could jeopardize your server’s security, in case you didn’t realize this.

If you conscientiously intended to share these specific details, please repost. Otherwise, please change the password right away, as it should be treated as compromised.

Now, on the 502.5 error, see the advice in the following thread:

Hope this helps, Sergiy