Survey durability and designer survey

Hi, I have two questions about the durability of the surveys. Can you help?
1st - For how long can I have the survey on Questionnaire Designer? More than one year? Less? If I don’t use the account, i.e., make new surveys or adapted the one I have, it can be erase?
2nd - Once we have the survey available to go to field, what is the maximum duration we can have for interviewers to answer? One month? One year? More than one year?
Thanks in advance.

Dear Susana,

Thank you for your questions. Let’s define the terms. You create a questionnaire on Designer (as an author writes a book).
Then after finalizing it you will make a survey and manage it. So concerning your questions:

  1. You can create a questionnaire on designer and work with it, update it, redesign it and delete it. It’s up to you for how long it will be there. You can leave it for ages and we won’t delete it.
  2. As for the survey duration. Your server is up for the period you requested while the survey is in process. As soon you you finish with collecting and processing data - it can be shut down by request. The server can be shut down within 30 days due to incativity but you always have a notification prior. As for the interviewers - it’s up to you - for how long the data need to be collected. Usually the interviewers have exact dates how speedy they need to collect data, cause time is money )))) nobody will go to the field for 1 year I guess.

If you have any questions - do not hesitate to contact our team.

Best regards,