Supervisor Questions

CAn the headquarters users answer supervisor scope questions ? I have tested this and the supervisor question is not enabled when using the headquaters account. Did I use the proper procedure ? Additionally if a questionnaire was approved by headquarters and we wanted to change the answer in this supervisor question would we have to unapprove it at headquarters level and the reject it to Supervisor level to change the data ?


Hi Neville,

You have answered both your questions:
a) supervisor questions can be answered only by a user with supervisor role.
b) following a) in order to change supervisor question it needs to be returned to supervisor and that will involve approving and rejecting by headquarters

Thanks for the quick answer.

I require some further clarification, only the supervisor for that questionnaire can answer the question if it is rejected by Headquarters? We have a labour force survey and only editors can code the industry and related fields, so we were hoping to have them accomplish this by using a headquarters account to facilitate this. As I saw in the following question scope document
on the support site.

The only solution that I can think of is to create a supervisor account the for use by the editors and have the headquarters reject and the forms to this supervisor account. Otherwise I will have to code the questionnaires outside the WB CAPI environment. Is there anything else other than what was outlined in your reply that can fulfill my needs



HQ can provide answers to ANY questions regardless of their scope by preloading the data during assignment creation. HQ does not answer any questions after an interview has happened.

In your case, if any checks depend on the assigned codes, delegate the task of codes assignment to the supervisors, if none, then code after the survey.

Best, Sergiy

Ok thanks,