Supervisor Offline app & Interviewer app

Hi There,

Is it possible to have the Supervisor Offline app and the Interviewer app running and syncing on the same tablet? If not, is it possible to look into a way to allow this to happen?

We have a scenario where we have an Individual with both a Supervisor account and an Interviewer account. The individual would verify work in the Supervisor Offline app that has been completed by his/her team members and in some cases the supervisor might need to reject work to his/her own Interviewer account. The problem that we are facing is that because his/her Interviewer account belongs to his own Supervisor account, we can’t assign any work to him/her or he/she can’t reject any work from the Supervisor account to his/her own Interviewer account because we are failing to sync the Interviewer app with the Supervisor app running on the same tablet.

I’ve tried to have the Interviewer app syncing to headquarters instead of the Supervisor Offline app (both apps still running on the same tablet) but the problem that I’ve encountered with that setup is that if the Individual marks an Interview as complete in the Interviewer app and he/she sync his/her Interviewer app to headquarters then the Interview does not get synced back to his/her supervisor offline app running on the same tablet when he/she sync his/her Supervisor offline app to headquarters as well, so he/she can’t approve the interview in the Supervisor offline app.

Could you please advice?

Kind Regards
Eugene Ehlers

no, not possible. roughly for the same reason you can’t call your own number from your mobile.
get a second tablet for the supervisor.