Supervisor has stopped

Good day SS Team,

We have a Samsung tablet (Galaxy Tab A SM-P585) that has the Supervisor app (version 19.02.1 (build 24046) with Maps) installed on (same version as our local HQ server). The Supervisor app was working fine up until this morning when the Supervisor tried to open the Supervisor application on her Tablet to sync the new work. The Application keeps saying “Supervisor has stopped” after the Supervisor entered her password and try to sign in. I’ve uninstall the Supervisor application and reinstall the application. This allowed me to safely sign in to the Supervisor app. I then sync the tablet to our local HQ server. The tablet shows that it is synching 1000 Assignments, then it proceeds to update 37 Assignments, then the Supervisor application ask me to allow access to the tablet’s photos and media, which I allow, and then straight after that is shows “Supervisor has stopped”. The Supervisor application ask me if I would like to restart the application, which I agree to restart, but then the Supervisor application shows “Supervisor keeps stopping” and if I close the application and try to restart, it keep showing “Supervisor has stopped”.

Could you please advice?

Kind Regards
Eugene Ehlers

Please update to the latest version of survey solutions. Supervisor application was optimized to be able to handle large amount of assignments, but I’m not sure that tablet is capable of running a 1000 of them. It depends on the size of questionnaire.


Thank you, I’ll update to the latest version of Survey Solutions and give it a try.

Kind regards

Eugene Ehlers

Dear Eugene,

there was a discussion of exactly the same in the following thread:

Please update.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Dear Sergiy,

Thank you, I’ve seen and read the post but there was noting mentioned in the post whether the limit has been extended or not and as with the case of umernaeem, providing more resources to spread the Assignment load is not an option for us at this time.

Kind Regards

Eugene Ehlers