Supervisor app not allowing me to review interviews

Hi Sergiy and team,

We are currently piloting the supervisor function on Survey Solutions. I have experimented with completing an interview on an interviewer account, and then reviewing it on a supervisor account.

When I login to the supervisor account via the web (pic below), everything seems in order. I have able to click on interviews that have been completed and review them.

However, when I login via the app (pic also below), there appears no such option. The ‘Collected interviews’ button does not work, neither does the ‘Your team’ or ‘Waiting for your action’ button. All I am able to do is assign interviews.

Do you have any idea what might be causing this? Our supervisors are unlikely to have laptop access so ideally need to be able to review interviews via tablets.

Many thanks in advance,


Hello Adam,

here are the instructions for installing and configuring the Survey Solutions Supervisor App on a tablet:

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy,

Thank you for your response. I now have the Supervisor app up and running and have been testing various combinations of communication between HQ, supervisor, and interviewer. The vast majority of these work fine – for example, I am able to assign interviews from HQ to supervisor, and then from supervisor to interviewer. I can then sync the interview ‘horizontally’ back to to supervisor, and then ‘vertically’ back to HQ.

However, one combination I try is proving problematic. This is the case where: i) I assign an interview from HQ to supervisor; ii) I assign an interview from supervisor to interviewer; iii) interviewer completes interview and sends it back to supervisor; iv) supervisor approves interview and sends it back to HQ; v) HQ rejects interview and sends it back to supervisor; vi) supervisor sends it back to interviewer. In this case, step vi) does not work. Once I send the interview back to interviewer, it appears in the ‘Sent to Interviewer’ tab in the Supervisor app, but then never appears in the Interviewer app. I have drawn a (bad) diagram to illustrate this - step 6 is where I’m having problems.

I have also attached screenshots from both the Supervisor and Interviewer app. I’m a bit concerned because these interviews have ostensibly been assigned to the Interviewer (pankh_int1 in our case), but they do not appear on their account, regardless of whether I login via tablet or computer.

I appreciate this is quite a convoluted example, but I don’t think it’s wholly unrealistic in the field. I can imagine a scenario where a Supervisor approves an interview, only for it to be subsequently rejected by HQ.

Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated, as always.

But it is still a valid use case. Any interview rejected from the Supervisor to an Interviewer must end up in Interviewer’s hands. And if it doesn’t - it is a problem.

Please check the versions of both applications and make sure you are using the latest.

Can anyone else confirm this observations?

Also, does it matter if the HQ rejects to the supervisor (at step 5) or directly to an interviewer (combining 5 and 6 into one action)?

Hi Sergiy,

Thanks for your reply. I have checked both application versions: the Supervisor app is version 22.02.6 (build 32441) and the Interviewer app is the same. I believe these are the latest versions, as I only downloaded them yesterday.

I have also tried the above use case using new tablets, and run into the same issue. It does not matter if the HQ rejects directly to an interviewer - the issue still arises.

To give a bit more detail: the sequence HQ → Sup → Int → Sup → Int does not cause any issues. If a Supervisor rejects an interview straight away and then horizontally syncs, it reappears on the original interviewers tablet no problem. It is only the case HQ → Sup → Int → Sup → HQ → Sup/Int that causes issues.

Also: I don’t run into the problem if I log into the supervisor account via the server. It is only if I login via the app and do the horizontal syncronisation.

All the best,


Sorry - I’ve just realised there is a new version available. Let me test and revert back…