Supervisor app fails after initial tablet setup and we unable to access it

We busy setting up supervisors app on Samsung A8 tablets with supervisor accounts. The initial setup is successful but as soon as we logout and exit we not able to launch/start the Supervisor app again. It does show the Survey solutions splash page but just bombs out. The supervisors have no assignments and i have checked app permissions. I don’t see anything obvious wrong that would explain the symptoms we seeing.

To test we used staging/test server and that works 100% no issues on the same devices but as soon as we load the production server supervisor app install and do the initial setup we not able to go back into supervisor app.

We currently using Supervisor App v22.6.5 and unable to move to v23.06.01 as it hasn’t been tested and validated yet.

Hello @bgilbert , from this I can only conclude that the Survey Solutions itself is working fine.

Having no information about the differences between your testing and production environments and setup procedures I can’t see any obvious recommendation.

You can test one of your [empty] tablets with a PDS without storing any confidential data, but just to check whether the most recent version (23.06.1 now) is having no such issue.

  • if it does, then it can be troubleshooted there without having to deal with confidentiality/security issues;
  • if it doesn’t, then it is either:
    a) the problem has been fixed already in the last few releases, and you can examine the github tickets to see what were the recent changes and in what version the fixes happened, or
    b) there is something that you are doing differently in setting up tablets with your production version and anytime you are doing testing. So examine your procedures (I see no way the user can render the supervisor app dysfunctional once it was setup and working, so would be interested myself in learning what you are doing there).

Hope this helps, Sergiy

Dear @bgilbert,

This issue was fixed in 22.06.6.

I would recommend you to install the last 22.06.* 22.06.10 version that is the most stable in it’s line if you do not want to risk with the latest one.

Hi @vitalii and @sergiy - seems the hotfix has done the trick and busy updating all Supervisor and Interviewer tablets with v22.06.10