Supervisor and interviewer

Hello, a Supervisor account was archived, and all their interviewer were also. Then we recover supervisor account but we didn´t recover interviewer account. what does it happen?

Interviewer can’t exist without a supervisor.
Supervisor may exist without an interviewer.

okk. thanks I need to find the way to solve it

Maybe it does. Suppose, I have archived a team and then later I have restored only the supervisor. Why should it resurrect all the interviewers??

@sergiy thanks,

As a suggestion, it would be interesting to have the option to restore the supervisor and its equipment, only restoring the supervisor. We had to restore the interviewers one by one.

On the other hand, many of the supervisor app options are not enabled in Huawei (this is just a hint).

As for the role of the supervisors, can they make assignments from the questionnaires… in our case the HQ must assign to the supervisor and the supervisor must reassign.

Very well, please, submit this suggestion in the corresponding section of the forum: