Summation of Duration of Activities recorded in a sub-roster(nested) with 1 hour Interval for a 24 hour period (main roster)

Dear Colleagues,

I am Oganga Caneble from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, I am currently conducting a survey on Time Use using Survey Solutions,

I need your help with some validations, as follows,

I’m trying to put a validation that the total duration of activities done in a day (24hour period), must be not more than 24 hours, also note that the activities are recorded in a roster as explained below:

The activity roster outlines that in every 1-hour interval e.g. 7 am to 8 am, an individual can do at least 1 activity(1 or more). However, the total duration within the 1-hour interval( e.g 7 am to 8 am) must not exceed 60 minutes. Similarly, the total duration of the activities can only exceed 1 hour (60 minutes) if the activities were done simultaneously(concurrently)

Remember, a day has 24 hours and within every hour, activities (1 or 2 or 3) are carried out whose total duration must not exceed 1 hour unless they are done simultaneously(concurrently).

Now, how can I write a validation in Survey Solutions Using to Check that:

1). The Total Duration of the Activities in every 1-hour interval is not more than 60 minutes if they were not done concurrently
2). That the duration of activities in every 1-hour interval can only be more than 60 minutes if they were done simultaneously (concurrently)
3). The overall duration of activities in the entire 24 hour period does not exceed 24 hours

Your assistance is always highly appreciated.

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Hello colleagues, any assistance from your end?

@sergiy, @peter_brueck, @bhuwan any attempts will be greatly appreciated.

I believe the colleagues from the East Africa Statistical Training Centre and from ENSEA/Abidjan have dealt with this issue before and might have a solution.

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