Sum up the totals of the options selected in a multi choice questions

Dear Sir

I have a question which is a multi choice question where i have to select items which i have consumed and give the total value for all items that I have consumed. For example if I have consumed rice, wheat, banana from 11 items. How to insert a variable which will add up all the total of all the items I have consumed and display it so that the enumerator can see the total and verify with the respondent. The total to be displayed on the tablet

Thank you


Hello Tshering and thank you for the question.

Assuming that the value of items is collected in a numeric question in the roster triggered by the multiple-select question, the case is then equivalent to the example section Animals in the public questionnaire: “Public example User questions and common patterns”, see variable totalAnimals. It does calculate the total, displays it on the screen and asks interviewer to confirm.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin