Suggestions on dealing with "Official Use Only" columns

I’m in the process of migrating a paper questionnaire to CAPI. It has a number of columns marked as “For Official Use Only” that the interviewers were not to fill out. This was done by coders in the office.

Do you have suggestions on how to deal with these columns? If the interviewer does not provide the information, who does?

Questions marked “for office use only” are typically implemented as a supervisor question to be answered by supervisors.

If the info is not readily available to supervisors, then it is not part of the survey field operations and should be added to data after the survey completes and the data gets exported.

Your screenshot doesn’t reveal much about the process. Are item codes known before the survey or not ? (100001=pork, 100002=beef, etc) or are they coded after all interviews are completed? I think the former. When thinking about the outlets, I think the latter. The quantity is definitely not known to anybody in the office, it is something that must be provided by the interviewer along with the unit.

To me the right panel looks redundant at least for everything except the outlet code.In CAPI you can split this page - the left side stays on paper and is handed to the respondent to be filled out, the right part is what you include into the CAPI system. In that case it is all filled out by the interviewer.

Best, Sergiy.

What kind of barcode is there at the top-left of the page?

It looks like a data matrix type, but I’ll have to check further.

AFAIK datamatrix codes are all square, while the code on the page is not.

Plus they look different with two sides always black and two sides always white to align the code.

Which software was used to generate/read them?

Maybe teleform??? I should be able to tell you more tomorrow.

That is from teleform, it indicates the page number for the template. The probably coded the official section before it was scanned.



Neville, thanks, do you know what kind of code is this? It doesn’t look like any other barcode I’ve seen so far.

Not that it would matter for data collection, since it is likely storing the form number and page number encoded in some way, but just to educate myself. If anyone knows, please jump in!

Thank you, Sergiy

I don’t know what type of code it is, but it is used in teleform to identify the various pages in a template. The teleform server creates it for each page of a multi page template. I cannot remember the name for it.