Suggestion: new interview action "ReceivedByServer"

In a census with more than 10,000 interviews per day it would be useful to monitor the daily synchronizations, so that “rush hours” can be identified and action taken to avoide them.
(Especially since SuSo is typically used in countries with precarious internet connections).

A new interview action “ReceivedByServer” could provide this information per interview.
This way it could also be filtered by enumerator, so that they can be advised individually to choose different synchronization times.

I believe this is doable without any changes to the software. Just say Team 1 sync at 9:00-10:00 slot, Team 2 at 10:00-11:00 slot, etc.
Clearly this is not productive, as the workflow will be artificially delayed to avoid bottlenecks.
Instead, place the server in a hosting with reliable and high-speed connection and make sure it is powerful enough to handle the peak number of users connecting.

PS: last sync date/time can also be found in this report:

alongside with other useful information.