Sudden authentication errors for all tablets


This morning all enumerators from our cohort study reported authentification errors (cf screenshot). Their passwords appear to be rejected (though nothing was changed on the server). The message asks the enumerators to try entering their passwords again or contact headquarters. I don’t know what is responsible for this. All tablets run currently on 20.01.5 (build 27012) What would be the most elegant way to solve this?
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As the message says, the interviewer should re-enter the password and proceed working as usual.

Thanks Sergiy. They tried multiple times entering their password (after restarting tablet) that they have been using for months now and they keep seeing this message. I now changed their passwords and this seems to be working.

If anyone else experiences this problem please contact support.

Changing passwords at HQ is not supposed to be necessary.

The interviewer presented with the dialog shown at the screenshot is expected to reenter the current password she already uses. If it is not accepted, we need to know of this.

To verify that the interviewer remembers the password correctly, you can ask her to sign in to the corresponding server using the server login form (no other action required, just sign in).

We are experiencing the same message “authentication errors” in Tanzania FtF Survey. Two tablets ( Tablet samsung SM-T595) behaved with this error this evening (Tz time). Re-entering their password did help. We will try again in the morning.

Re-entering their password didn’t help. We will try again in the morning.

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@arivsevere do you have any update on this?

It seems as it was a temporary issue. we have not experiencing the same since then. Everything is going fine now. Thanks