Strings in a Lookup table

Good evening,
Is it possible to put non-integers like strings in a Lookup table ?

You can put non-integer values (type of double) like 3.5 or -2.74847 into lookup tables, such as currency exchange rates or indicative prices of commodities. But what could the strings be used for??


We’re looking for the same feature. And the purpose is to be able to pull up information for the data collectors to check if they’re working on the right record. We are collecting data of organizations. The dc selects an organization from a dropdown list. There are organization names that are similar. To make sure that the dc selects the correct organization, we’d like the app to be able to pull up other information that will help the him/her confirm that he or she is working on the right one. ODK implements this using the pulldata function. Wondering if survey solutions has an equivalent to it.

We are trying out Survey Solutions to see if we can switch to it for the implementation of our other data collection projects.

Thank you and have a good day!


Thank you for your answer, I was trying to use the lookup table to get other informations than double like the name knowing the code of the individual.

that was exactly what I was thinking about.