String "inf" is displayed "-1" in the Interviewer tab


We have an issue when importing a sample in Survey Solutions.

Each time a string contains “inf”, this substring is replaced by “-1”.

Example : if we have the string “Tahiti-Info” in our sample file integrated into SS, then it’s displayed as “Tahiti-1O”, as show on the screenshot below.

It seems to be a bug when impoting the sample file ; has this issue already been reported ?

Thank you in advance for your answer.


Not reproducible using the steps as described:

Kindly clarify what you’ve done and use the demo server to replicate the issue.

Best, Sergiy

After some more experimenting the following inaccuracy in the description has been identified:
the preloading string must contain the exact combination of letters “INF” to become affected, the supplied example value “Tahiti-Info” isn’t affected (string case-sensitive).

This is a bug and will be fixed. The defect is recorded in the issues database

where its status can be monitored.