Stress tool for SuSo

During the Census, it is expected that each interviewer collects 15 interviews per day. Under this situation the Census platform has to be able to handle 210,000 synchronization process in the last 4 hour of the day (14,000 interviewers, 15 interviews per day => 210,000 interviews).

Before the project starts, we have to perform several stress tests that simulate the activity of the real days of the census. Our plans is to develop a testing tool that simulates the storm of synchronization processes we expect to happen.

The goal is to develop a module that can produce thousand of synchronization threads. This module will be in charge of a massive creation of assignments in SuSo and after will be in charge of launching multiple synchronizations with random data simulating completed interviews.

With this purpose, can yo provide information about how the sync process is implemented ?
To develop the stress module we will need information like the sequence of endpoints involve in the sync process, the input parameters of each endpoint and their potential response.