Strange error message for Assignments API

Hi, I’m getting this strange error when testing the create assignments API endpoint:
“Errors”: [
“Code”: “PL0056”,
“Message”: “Invalid Password. At least 6 numbers and upper case letters or single symbol ‘?’ to generate password”…

I used as Json payload:
“Email”: “”,

“Password”: “P@ssword1”,

“WebMode”: true,

The following password does not work, why? and Password = PPP111 works…is there a specific reason?..Thanks.

Password “P@ssword1” doesn’t work because letters “s”, “w”, “o”, “r”, “d”, and “@” are not upper case letters.

Password “PPP111” works because letters “P” are upper case.

Thanks …still not sure why this password format/restriction is adopted, and all API users should be cognizant of it. Kind regards.

This has nothing to do with the API. This is the convention that we’ve adopted for the passwords for web respondents. You will get the same reaction/error message if you try to do this interactively.

Ok, thanks for letting me know, Sergiy…Kind regards.