Status of rejected interviews after relinking

Dear SS Team,

In our survey, one tablet was somehow reset, which clears the Interviewer Application and data. Before this, there were two rejected interviews sitting in the tablet. If we log in in a new tablet with the same account credentials and if we relink it, will I still get the two rejected interviews in the new tablet?
Will the data still be in the server?

Grateful for your advice.


Dear Toga,

On the new tablet where you will login you will receive after synchronization:

  • all the assignments made to this interviewer, that have not been fulfilled yet;
  • all the interviews currently in the status rejected to this interviewer (as they appear currently on the server).

By “resetting” (not sure what exactly you’ve done to the tablet) you’ve lost any and all changes to the interviews since the last successful synchronization, which is:

  • any interviews completed in fulfillment of the current assignments (wholly);
  • any changes to rejected interviews since the time rejection was received (edits).

The interview data that has been already sent (synchronized) to the server may not be deleted by the interviewer no matter what he does with his tablet.

PS: Don’t forget to synchronize the maps on the new tablet if you/the interviewer are using them. This is commonly overlooked.

Hope this clears the issue.
Best regards, Sergiy Radyakin

Hi Sergiy,

Thank you so much for the clarification - very clear and easily understood.
Much appreciated all the help.

Kind Regards,

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