Status: Error occurred during upload

If any user is experiencing an error “Status: Error occurred during upload” while uploading maps to the HQ in v22.06.*, please provide details and content of the server error logs.

Thank you, Sergiy

The following additional details have been communicated to me regarding this issue:

  1. The problem does not occur on our reference server (PDS)
  2. The problem can be observed on a particular user-controlled server, which runs the same version of the Survey Solutions software.
  3. The problem is unrelated to the file size - the issue is still reproducible with archives less than 4MB in size.
  4. When observed, the issue is specifically related to the way how the file was created. It appears to be related to the degree of compression that is selected to create the archive.
  5. From my experiments, the issue occurs with the degrees of compression of 5 and above (5,6,7,8,9) and does not occur with the degrees of compression less than 5 (0,1,2,3,4).
  6. The degree of compression will affect the selected algorithm for compression (store, reduce, deflate, etc).
  7. The default compression parameter for Windows is 6, and is likely similar for other OSes where such functionality is present, thus they will create such affected archives.

What may be causing an issue?

A third-party component or application, such as an antivirus, may have been installed on the user-controlled server, which intervenes with the normal Survey Solutions work flow with uploaded maps, blocking the files, because it does not support the format of the archives produced with higher compression levels.

What can help narrow down the issue?

Information from the server logs would be useful in identifying what particular error was encountered by the code being executed on the server.

What is the current workaround?

A user experiencing this issue will need to repack the archive with a tool where the compression level can be regulated and select a lower compression level or no compression at all (STORE).