Static text not displaying on mobile devices

Hello team,

It appears that the issue surfaced here has returned, as static text is not displaying on mobile devices. The devices we are testing are Huawei Model JDN2-L09, running Android 9.0. We have been using these devices for months and just today, after re-importing a questionnaire after some updates, are we noticing the missing text.

As mentioned in the linked post, these texts do appear when accessing the questionnaires through the web browser.

I created a “Static Test” questionnaire to reproduce the issue, and I’m attaching relevant screenshots.

What version of application are you using on the device?

Hi Vatilii,

The version is indeed 21.09.1 (build 31684). The system admin has been notified to upgrade to the newest version. Amongst the reports I didnt notice it was the same version as in the reported problem which was fixed in version 21.09.2