Stata package 'sursol' for Survey Solutions

Dear all,

I’d like to share with you a set of Stata routines that I have written and I and other colleagues been using while working on data collections with Survey Solutions.

You can find the package sursol here or install it in Stata directly through:

net install sursol , from("") replace

Once installed, type help sursol to retrieve more information about the available sub-commands.
It covers several aspects of the survey cycle including translation management, server and field interaction through the Survey Solutions API as well as collating and managing the survey & paradata.

All sub-commands that interact with the Survey Solution server, e.g. exporting data, approving or rejecting interviews, leaving comments, getting interviewers action logs or user/tablet reports, require to have R installed on your machine. However, no further R knowledge is required since the commands write the R scripts themselves.

Some of the commands were written on the fly while working on projects, so they might contain some bugs. If you think they might be useful for your work but are not functioning properly, do not hesitate to approach me. Also, anyone is welcome to use those commands as a basis and further improve them to your own needs.

In general: No responsibility or liability for the correct functionality of the commands is taken! This is especially true for future releases of Survey Solutions that might affect the API or data anatomy. I try to update them if necessary, so stop by from time to time.

Please note, I am not working for the Survey Solutions Team, so please do not contact them for issues with these commands.

If you are using R in your daily work, I recommend you to have a look at the API R package provided by the Survey Solutions team and the toolkit written by @l2nguyen .

sursol append and sursol para builds upon great work by @andreaskutka (+ great suggestions for export).

Initial versions of sursol export builds upon R scripts and forum discussions by other users, including Lena Nguyen, @michael_rahija, @michael_wild and @arthurshaw2002.

Let me know if you have questions.