Started_job_id PROBLEME

Hello everyone,

I would like to retrieve the data collected using @arthur-shaw’s R codes, but I have encountered some issues at this stage. If someone could help me overcome this hurdle, it would be greatly appreciated.


  • qnr_id = “amban38c-11p1-44a1-bf1f-5113e2e3237e$2”,
  • export_type = “STATA”,
  • interview_status = “All”,
  • include_meta = TRUE
  • ) → started_job_id

Message d’avis :
Dans start_export(qnr_id = “a9ba438c-11b1-44a1-bf1f-5113d2e3437e$2”, :
Export job not started.
Unknown error arose. HTTP code: 403.

this may not be a valid questionnaire identity, which is in the form of: G$#

  • G is a GUID;
  • $ is literally a dollar sign;
  • # is a version number (integer).

Hope this helps.
Best, Sergiy

Additionally, the user may not have access to the target workspace. If I’m not mistaken, the error message above comes from a check that tries to get the user’s details on the workspace.

More broadly, if possible, it would probably be preferable to raise issues about packages on their repositories rather than on the forum.