Splitting fixed rosters

Hi Survey Solutions Team

I am trying to split a fixed item roster such that a first roster roster1 contains var1 and var2, two variables used for prompting on the items. A second roster roster2, with the same set of items contains two groups of questions, opened respectively by var1==1 and var2==2. Ideally, rows in roster2 are filtered by var1==1 || var2==2.

I have set this up using two fixed rosters with identical item lists, and enablement conditions on the questions in roster2 that match the roster rows using @rowcode, e.g. enablement for the first rgoup of questions on roster2 is roster1.Any(x=>x.var1==1 && x.@rowcode==@rowcode).

Is there a simpler way of setting this up that I am missing? Splitting as in rosters linked the the same question is not possible here, correct?

Background: I am developing for a demo options for a consumption module that separately probes for consumption and purchasing for each item. I thought the new plain mode of rosters is quite a useful tool to improve the flow in this scenario as interviewers can easily answer var1 and var2 item by item in roster1 without having to click on the screens for each item.

Andreas, yes there is a simpler way with direct addressing:
roster1[@rowcode].var1==1 || roster1[@rowcode].var2==2

Great, many thanks Sergiy. This makes it simpler indeed.