Split survey two parts

Hello, I want to split the survey in two part. The survey will be apply in two different times for different interviewers. I wonder if there is any way to create a common link to both parts.


create a table:

id interview__id1 interview__id2
1 aaaaaaaaa bbbbbbbbb
2 xxxxxxxxxx yyyyyyyyyy

Where id is the id of your household in the survey, interview_id1 is the interview__id from your first interview of that household, and interview__id2 is the interview__id of the second interview of that household.

Is this for the AGRIS survey? Then take into account that this is a sample-based panel survey and you actually start from the ID, which can be simply preloaded into a hidden (or identifying) variable in the questionnaire.

Thanks @sergiy It is not AGRIS survey. I wonder if there is any example how the example table works?. Thanks