Speed of the interview

Hello, we are applying an interview that we expect to apply on average in 45 min. However, checking the speed of the reports we can see that there is an interviewer with average of 20 min. I wonder how accurate is this value to evaluate the real duration on the interview and if there is any way to traceback this interviewer based on the number of times that he open an interview an finish it. Regards, Jaime

The time is shown in whole minutes. If you need higher accuracy regarding each interview there is duration in the interview__diagnostics file in the export.

How accurate is this expectation? Looking at the data you are showing it is totally off. Out of the 40 observed interviewer-days only 6 have values in the 40 and above range.

I invite our colleagues from Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics to share their experience in monitoring the interview timings.

See audio audit

See paradata

We have used the duration of interviews as a proxy indicator of quality of interviews. I would too like to hear from Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics about their experience. How do you interpret interview duration and what action do you take when the interview durations are too low or too high?

Below is an example of what we do. The gradient line is mean Interview Duration (smoothened); the light blue background is minimum and maximum times. We expect this to be above 20 mins for this survey. Feedback is given to the interviewer if the mean falls below expected (for this interviewer, feedback was given in the beginning of May).

@sergiy I am curious how the duration is calculated. Is this the duration for which the interview was open in the tablet? Or is this is the difference between interview creation time and final completion time?

Hello @ashwinikalantri , I am also curious how the duration is calculated, I would like to do something similar in our study. Thanks