Speed: Average interview duration

Dear support team!
How many days does the Average interview duration under Reports take to be displayed? We have been synchronizing data for the past 3 days and no average is recorded on the Reports dashboard. We are collecting data offline with FW tablets syncing to the Sup app. Could this be just a delay?

If the interview has arrived to the server, the report should display the duration when you refresh the report page.

If the data was sent to the supervisor’s tablet, but the supervisor hasn’t synchronized with the server, then the server knows nothing about those interviews or their duration.

Hi Sergiy,

The supervisor’s tablets were synchronized. Yesterday (25-10-2020) to be specific we synchronized all Sup tablets. We could see the number of interviews on the Quantity report for those days but the speed report did not update. Please see attached image.

Please show side-by-side the quantity and speed reports.

The duration is ‘-’ (like in the places where you’ve marked it) where the quantity of interviews is zero.

I hope the images are clear.

Left panel shows the number of interview completions.
Right panel shows interview duration.

The comment shown in the left panel is important: If you take one interview and complete/reject/complete/reject it 50 times, you will have a count of 50 in the left panel, or if that process took a few days - that 50 will be distributed over those days. But the interview duration will appear only once in the right panel. Of the top of my head it’s either the day of the first or the last completion event.

You can export the data and recalculate the number of completions yourself based on the interview__actions file. Each interview will have a duration calculated as well. You will find it in the interview__diagnostics file.

If there were no rejections of the interviews that is a different story then.

Dear Sergiy,

Thank you for your explanation. I can now see that in those 3 days there were no completed interviews but a mix of rejections etc.
Thanks a lot!!

Thank you for confirming and marking the solution!