Specific issue with Geography question

We’d like to report an issue we’re having with the geography question in the Interviewer app (We’re using 22.06.7 (build 32810)). The situations are as follows:

  1. For most interviews that the interviewer is going to answer the geography question for the first time, the app goes to blank, crashing and forcing the interviewer to reload the app and answer the question again.

  2. When the interviewer answers the geography question the app notifies the process of loading of the answer by showing the blue bar. Sometimes, the blue bar doesn’t disappear (Like the answer is loading forever). Some interviewers have waited for 30 minutes to any sign of change without success. There have been some cases where the answer is actually loaded even when the blue bar is still showing (To check this, we enabled partial sync on the server to allow interviewers to send the answers even when the interview is not completed yet).

This behavior was tested in different smartphones, having different results.

When the second situation happens, Interviewers are unable to check if the geography question is actually saving the answers. And when this question is an enabling question of the next one, they are unable to continue.

I’d appreciate some help to identify what’s causing this particular issue.
Thanks in advance.

Another thing to consider (Fixed): We used multiple custom maps to answer the question, tpk format without shapefiles.

Dear @pcarrd ,
Thank you for the description. We are investigating the problem and will fix it in upcoming releases once confirmed.
It would be great if you share straight steps to reproduce the issue and Tablet information package (please take a look here). You can use direct messages for privacy reasons.

There was an earlier reported issue where the map which is not shown appears if you zoom in/zoom out - and then the map is redrawn.

Please confirm if this is the issue that you are describing, since in that scenario no crash occurs.

@sergiy It’s not the case, but I appreciate you brought it up because that’s another thing that it’s happening. In the situations described we didn’t zoom in or zoom out. We select a point in the custom map as it is initially shown. Then, depending if it’s the first time answering that question or not, one of the two scenarios mentioned can happen .