Special Values for text questions

(Klaus Blass) #1

Add “Special Value” button for text questions as in numeric questions.
Often text questions with patterns are used in place of numerical questions. Special values would facilitate answers in many situations.

Example 1:
Q: “Enter Code:” (pattern “~~####”)
Special value: “Not applicable”
Special value: “Unknown”

Example 2:
Q: “Notes:”
Special value: “None”

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(Misha) #2

Klaus, agree, this is a good idea. I will add it to the next sprint feature list.

Thanks much,

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(Sergiy Radyakin) #3

Also would be good to add this to a date question. It is very common that e.g. the date of birth is not known, but currently this requires a screening question “Do you know the exact date of birth?”.

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(Misha) #4

Yes, agree, I will added it.