Sorting variables from Roster

Good evening,

Is there a way to display the List of variables in roster2 based on roster1 but sorted ascending or descending based on roster answers?

My explanation with the example below:

I ask a woman to list all births she had in her life, by recording the names of all babies using LIST followed by the ROSTER with various questions about baby including a year of birth of a baby.

Now, the next set of questions appears later in the questionnaire, after collecting some more data, and now asks only about babies that are still alive and were born during last 5 years. Using enabling conditions, I get this list in roster2.

However, this list is presented just as it was entered and in the order the woman recalled it, which is not necessarily is in chronological order (based on a year of birth), as she could recall a missed birth.

Is there a way to present the subselected list (roster2) chronologically sorted based on one of the roster’s values ascending or descending? For example based on year of birth of children in the example above?

The straightforward solution is to embed questions from roster 2 into roster 1, but I can’t do it as it alters significantly the structure of the questionnaire which is fixed and can’t be modified.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.
Thank you!

No, we cannot sort options in the lists. They will appear in the order they are entered.


Thank you!