Some assignments are not translated

Hi. I have assigned a translated questionnaire to 2 interviewers using the “upload assignment” feature. They completed some assignments. What I have noticed is that assignments completed by Interviewer A are translated while the assignments completed by interviewer B are in English. Any idea why this is happening?

Any of the following and possibly more:

  • Interviewer B speaks English and hence completed the interview in English, while Interviewer A speaks the other language (that you don’t mention) and completed the interview in that language.

  • Or the respondent’s language preference was different.

  • Or one interviewer knew how to switch the language and the other one has missed that during the training, and didn’t find how to switch the language of the interface.

Very few of the forum readers have direct access to your interviewers. But you do. Have you tried asking them this question?

PS: If you are giving the possibility to switch the language, this means you are ready and prepared to handle the data entered in different languages, (unless all you are dealing with are numbers and codes).