Slowness of Interviewer and impossible to reopen or synchronize started interviews

Dear Survey Solutions team,

I urgently need your assistance to fix a problem we face in the field. We conducting an endline survey in which the household members and the list of plots are pre-filled. We are faced with two (02) problems:

  1. The Interviewer app is very slow during the interview. More than 8 seconds with a question.

  2. Some interviews started can not be reopened. The main reason is that the size of the Interviewer App becomes very heavy. It can reach sometimes 2,5 GB. As soon as the size reaches 600 MB, we can not any more reopen or synchronize the interviews. When we try to reopen or to synchronize, the tablet screen goes blank and the application crashes. Note that we do not have and do not take pictures in the interviews and we do not record audio.

Here are the characteristics of the tablets used:

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 6 (2016)


  • Total space 8.00 GB

  • System memory 3.20 GB

  • Available space 2.80 GB

  • Space used 1.45 GB


  • Total space 1.5 GB

  • System memory 439 MB

  • 194 MB applications

  • Available space 785 MB

Thanks a lot.


Survey solutions stores all changes that are made by interview. It records each question being disabled, variable changed or substitution used in %variable% changed. So not only binary data can grow large in size but interview itself.

Can you provide us with questionnaire example or send tablet information for us to investigate what causing such database size?