Slow response in web interviews

Dear Survey Solutions,

We recently upgraded our local server to the latest version v23.9.4.35728, and ever since, our Survey Solutions Headquarters has been very slow. Our call centre agents reported that the Interviews take longer to load when moving between questions and our exports also took a very long time. I’ve cleared the Export cache and our Exports has improved drastically but the web interviews captured on the Headquarters are still taking some time to load when moving from one question to the next question.

We also picked up on Solar Winds that the postgres database has a lot of table locking / blocking when we run exports, is this normal?

Do you perhaps have any advice?

Kind regards

Eugene Ehlers

From which version?

That should be easily verifiable: Do you observe the same?
What are the timings that are large (in ms)?
What resources are being queried (URLs)?

Is this a local server or a cloud-based server?

This implies multiple exports, not sure if this also implies many exports. What are we talking about here?

We were on version 22.06

I could not replicate the same ‘slow response between questions’ on our Development server nor the production server.

I’ll confirm the amount of seconds that the form loads between questions and get back to you, but from what I understand it takes roughly 3+ seconds to load when moving out of a question into another. It shows a loading bar underneath the question.

This is a local server.

We are exporting all of our questionnaires and multiple versions of some questionnaires daily, so there are about 15 exports. However the export issue has been resolved after clearing the cache.

From this it follows that the server itself is capable of producing quick response.

This is indeed uncomfortable.

If the call centre team is accessing the server from a different location, then the issue is probably the overloaded communication channel between the call centre and the server (both the throughput and the response time matter).

Here is what answering one question on a demo server appears for me:

which appears to be a tiny fraction of a second

Hope this helps.