Slow export reported by users

Several users have contacted the support email indicating that the export of the data takes abnormally long time.

  1. in some cases we have identified the problem in our configuration and performed the necessary maintenance.
  2. in other cases the slow export is the first export of a questionnaire after an update to a new version (this is normal).
  3. your jobs are blocking each other. If you order multiple export jobs, the second one will start only after the first is completed.
  4. the exact duration of an export process depends, of course, on the amount of data. But at this time we do not expect any job to wait in the queue for more than 30-40 minutes (on the servers that we control). If this happens, please contact the support with the:
  • server address, and
  • the job number
  1. keep in mind that if you are using the API:
  • your API script should be written in a way not to expect an immediate response, but rather to continue waiting until the export job is completed;
  • your API script should adhere to a reasonable schedule with pauses/delays introduced in your code. What is reasonable depends on the case. Most export jobs take well less than a minute to complete and do not pose much of a load on our infrastructure. Yet if if the export job takes 15 minutes to produce, repeating it within an hour will not fall into the ‘reasonable’ category.
  • cache the latest obtained export and reuse it to minimize the number of calls to API.