Slow assignment upgrade

We have ~7500 assignments. Every time we update/change our questionnaire, we have to upgrade the assignments also. This upgrade process is extremely slow. The process starts fast, upgrading the first 800-1000 assignments within minutes. Then it trickles down to 1 assignment per 2-3 seconds.

It would stop at times and we have to manually upgrade the remaining assignments, which would again start fast before slowing down. How do I speed it up?

Update: 2300 assignments in 1 hour.
Update 2: 3500 assignments in 2.5 hours.

The process stopped after 6 hours with about 5000 assignments upgraded. Had to manually start the process again to upgrade the remaining assignments. In the end, each assignment was taking almost 10 sec to upgrade.

Dear Ashwini Kalantri,

the upgrade of assignments to a new version involves

  • reading existing information from the existing assignment,
  • analysis of compatibility with the new version,
  • creation of the new assignment based on the read information,
  • closing of the original assignment.

Reading it from the tab-delimited preloading file is faster and doesn’t involve the compatibility overhead, etc.

The exact time it takes to process every assignment depends on the questionnaire (number and type of questions, etc). You can get a rough idea about this time from opening an interview (on the tablet it shows the LOADING screen).

We will investigate why the process slows down though, as this is not the intended behavior.

Best, Sergiy

The time needed to upgrade the assignment should be uniform for all assignments. The progressive slowing down of the process is the issue. Thanks for having a look into it.