Skipping a multi-select question (with yes/no mode) to another multi select question (with yes/no mode)


Grateful if you can assist me in writing the validation for this particular scenario

A scenario:

Q1 Type of vehicle you like (using multi-select question with yes/no mode)
Car Yes 1 No 2
Lorry Yes 1 No 2

if answer is ‘No’ in both cases skip to question 5

Q5: Time of day you prefer to drive (using multi-select question with yes/no mode)
Morning Yes 1 No 2
Afternoon Yes 1 No 2
Evening Yes 1 No 2


^^^^ this will be enabling condition on Q5

Questions 2,3,4 will have the opposite enabling condition to be skipped.

Validation has nothing to do with skipping.

Thank you for prompt reply

Tried it. And it works.

But there is an issue here. If i choose Yes for car and No for car it should allow me to go to q2 - q5. This condition you gave me allows me the following:
q1 both answer is Yes then go to q2-q5
q1 both answer is No then skip to q5
so what about if q1 is Yes and No, it does take me nowhere

Please advise on same. Thanks

Bharati, I don’t know what condition did you write. Share the full questionnaire please.

Sharing full questionnaire? you mean in the designer?

just post the pdf somewhere


I meant post the PDF of what you designed in Survey Solutions.

4.16 in your screenshot is part of a fixed roster with two items “Household burglary” and “Attempted household burglary.” So I don’t see how it relates to the original question you’ve asked.

Also I am not sure about the logic. Can the person say that the burglary happened, but it was not attempted? To me this appears just as an aggravated version of the same.

The opposite to
is not

Now the above corresponds exactly to what you wrote in the original question " if answer is ‘No’ in both cases skip… "

Looking at the prototype questionnaire it is better to use
Which means literally “any selection was made positiviely” and doesn’t require to provide the codes. Of course one could also use
but if the set of codes changes later, then there will be a need to update the condition, while the Length will still work fine.

Due to confidentiality, will it be possible for me to email you instead part of questionnaire where the concerned questions are.

Just to inform you , Q4.11 works well when the answers are both no or yes, the problem occurs when the answers selected for the same question are either yes and no or no or yes. Please advise

Thanking you for your usual help