Size of interview to be uploaded

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Is it possible to see the size of a completed interview (before or after uploading), on the tablet or on headquarters? I saw that I can check the size of the file for data export, but I wasn’t sure if the size of the export file and the original uploaded interview is the same (I imagine it is a different type of file).

As a follow up question, is there a fixed size/second in the uploads of audio recorded (just to give me an idea of what to expect)?

Internet is limited in our survey area (in some areas we use expensive satellite internet) and I wanted to test how adding attachments and using audio questions and supervision adds to the size of the uploads.

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No they are not the same. If I flip-flop an answer 1000 times, all 1000 answers will be transmitted from the tablet to the server, but the export will contain only the last answer.

If this is your concern, refer to the interviewer profile, that contains the traffic used by the interviewer (cumulatively and for last several days) - in communication with the Interviewer App on the tablet only.

Not for audio audit information. If your interview is 72 hours long, you will get a 72 hours long recording (broken into segments/episodes, but this does not affect the total size).

For audio question the answer is limited. See the limits page.

Thanks Sergiy!

So to test the size, best approach is just to fill and upload a mock interview one by one with/without audio question recording and then check the enumerator profile after each upload?

Does an attachment I add to the questionnaire (e.g. pdf) stay the same size in the upload. So if I add an attachment of 100kb, uploaded interview size will be +100kb (all else being the same)?

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A questionnaire and an interview are two different documents. Both exist and both have sizes and rules that guide how they are circulated. I can’t understand from your question what specifically you have in mind.

Taken at face value, what you’ve written is wrong. If your questionnaire size increases by X, it doesn’t mean that all interviews created from that questionnaire increase by X.

On specifically the attachments (eg. pdf) present in the questionnaire - they are downloaded to the Interviewer’s device, but are NOT uploaded back to the server ever. Only interviews (answers given, organized in a certain format) are uploaded, audio questions, picture questions - anything that interviewer collected are sent to the server, but not the contents of the questionnaire itself.

Thanks Sergiy and Zurab,

That’s very helpful to know (and indeed what I was asking about)!