Size Limit on the Rosters

Hi Survey Solutions,

I keep hitting a size limit for Rosters in the Census Visitation report…This is what is happening. In an enumeration District I have rosters for each block, in each block I have roster for building, in each building I have rosters for dwelling units, in each dwelling unit I have households listed, within each household there are should be a person roster list, but survey solutions is saying that it has a size limit, Sergiy saw it so we put all the household as separate questions but the characteristics of the persons then cannot be handled in the roster so we lose the connectivity to the GPS location for the building if we have now to design a separate questionnaire for the data on persons and we cannot put it inside the building roster.

Edwin describes a survey with the following structure:
District --> Block --> Building --> Dwelling --> Household
where an assignment corresponds to a District.

The maximum levels of nesting in Survey Solutions: 4.

There is also a limit on the total number of expanded roster items that can be potentially encountered in the field (when all triggers are assigned their maximum values): 80,000.

In Edwin’s case the number of blocks are known, so the assignments could be moved to the block level to reduce the level of nesting.

Best, Sergiy