Single select - how to create question

Hello, brand new to this. I just want to understand how to manage question like this

Can this be done? Yes/No/Don’t know.
If yes, then provide explanation
if No, why?

So question type= single slect
but can I add a condition, that if the answer is Yes, then something must be done, but if No, then something else?
Or must this be 3 different questions.

This is a pretty standard pattern which is a single select for Q1 and conditions for Q2 “explanation” and Q3 “why”. Of course you’d use the codes of YES and NO options in the conditions.

Conceptually, “why?” and “explanation?” are asking the same thing. So depending on what you are going to be doing later with them you may possibly design it with Q2 and Q3 being the same question asked if Q1 is equal to YES or NO. If the codes are YES=1, NO=2, DK=9 then the enabling condition for Q4 will be:

(Q1==1) || (Q1==2)

Best, Sergiy