Single select categorical question bug

We have a cascading combo box - single select question what references from a pre-loaded question. This populates the list of family members and we can select one as respondent.

The feature works well on the web version of the form. But in the app, there is also a text box to enter response, which shows the same list as drop-down.

I am able to select 2 answers for the same question. The ration button selected is sent as response and the drop down ignored.

Is this a bug? Or am I choosing a wrong type of question/ options?

UI of the interviewer app is not optimised to be used on phones. What device are you using?

This is a Samsung Galaxy S9. I also tried on the Samsung Tab A 8.0 2017 with same results (screenshots below).

With the Show as a list of categories option selected on right. Works fine without it being selected (Left)

What question type are you using for it? Is it linked?

Yes, it’s a single select cascading combo box question. It’s linked to an prefilled question.

Thank you, sir, for this case. It looks like a defect. We will fix it in the soonest sprint. But right now you can chose a workaround - just use a combo box view to display a list of categories (unselect “Show as a list of categories” checkbox on the designer for Cascading question).

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