Simplify logical expression

Can the example expression be simplified?
Why or why not?

This expression it is always true

@aguinada correctly points that the original expression will always be TRUE. If we are looking for age between 18 and 65;

age > 18 && age < 65

Ok, to check your answers, create a simple questionnaire of two questions, [numeric] age and [categorical] married. Put a condition shown on the slide as enabling condition to the second question.

Test your questionnaire. What do you observe? Why?

The Marital status question is always enabled. No matter what value you put in Age question.

The easiest way to compare would be to create two alternative questionnaires one with the original expression and one with just the simplified one. Then compare e.g. the number of unanswered questions when you open the questionnaire. If the behavior is identical, then that number should be the same.

Now if you make a copy of this questionnaire and replace that expression with true , is the behavior exactly the same?