Showing data on table / make table fiels non editable


  1. Using roster and the “table” display mode, I was able to display a table with empty values, whose rows have the names of the products and in the columns there are the price and the quantity. But, I failed to display the values in the fields. How to solve this problem?
  2. Additionally, the table fields are editable, whereas I want the table fields to be non-editable. How to do this?
  3. How can we load an excel file in the form of a table in survey solutions

It’s hard to say whether the table display mode is even a solution for your data collection needs. What survey are you doing?

Rosters in table mode accept only text or numéric. they don’t accept static text or boolean question or list to to choose unique response from list

You are right. The documentation is very specific about it:

  • may not include questions of any type other than specifically: text, numeric [or else compilation error WB0285];