Showing a Video within a Survey

I have setup a survey with Survey Solutions for use in the field in Ghana. However, within the survey, I also would like to have a video experiment. Is it possible show videos within the survey or to at least have a hyperlink to a video? I don’t think this is possible with the free version currently. However, if it could be an extra feature that we might need to pay for, we would like to know and what the cost of that would be.

  1. The Survey Solutions is free. There is no commercial, for fee version of Survey Solutions. All functionality available in our system is free for everybody.

  2. Yes, you can embed videos into your questionnaire. This feature was introduced in version 18.12 in December 2018. Please read the release notes for that release:

What if it’s a 3 minute long video that goes beyond 2MB? It looks like 2MB is the limit for attachments.

2MB limit on the attachment is our recommendation. You can load larger files. We put no restrictions on the attachment size. You need to be aware through that large attachments might take long time to load on tablets and consume a lot of mobile traffic if you load your questionnaire through mobile networks.

Thank you so much! I think it works now!