Show area insted of point in cover map

I would like to show my interviewers the area where I would like them to operate instead of the exact location. For example those two blocks in a city, or that strech of land in the fields.

I think the gps functionality only allows me to show one exact gps coordinate. Is there a way I can supply 4 and have it draw a square on a map?

The survey will be conducted in many diferent places and have lots of interviewers so making an image (eg. jpg) for each would be unfeasible.

Any solutions, advices or clever work arounds would be appreciated.
Thank you.

See shape file overlay:

Thank you for your reply.
But while this shape file overlay looks to be exactly what we are looking for it has 2 problems, one minor and one major.

The minor one is that it needs to be a geography question and you can’t have geography questions on the cover.

The major is “As of v21.05 the shapefiles are not centrally managed at the Survey Solutions Headquarters and must be copied manually to the interviewers’ tablets.”
I’ll ask up the pipeline if this is doable but I’m not optimistic.

If there are any workarounds to those problems please enlighten me.

Shapefiles can be shown on the map dashboard as announced in version v20.09:

Map dashboard shows GPS locations, and GPS location question may be placed in the cover page.