Sharing Questionnaires between Designer instances

For different reasons, some organizations want to install SuSo Designer in their datacenter or private cloud. At this moment it is only possible to share questionnaires between users of the same Designer instance and the export functionality is oriented to a human receptor (readable PDF or HTML format).

It will be convenient to be able to share questionnaires between users of different Designer instances. For this goal, an export/import functionality could be implemented in Designer by producing json document that contains the questionnaire definition.

I understand that Survey Solutions Designer is not part of the local Survey Solutions installation.
Some time ago, I shared my questionnaires with people from other countries, and they could edit or modify my questionnaire.

If you check the url of Survey Solutions Designer, it is not linked to your domain or private cloud because it is provided by the World Bank for all users.

Thank you @kv700032 .
@vitalii just explained to me that Designer is not intended to be deployed on-premise, for this reason, there is only one instance of this module for all users.